Remembering Service Golden Retriever Abel

It grows harder and harder when I learn about another Golden succumbing to cancer. It is especially heart breaking when you realize the limited amount of time these wonderful souls are getting to remain by our sides. My goodness, Abel was barely seven years of age. Such a sweet, sweet boy.

Here is the incredibly sad post that I just received from his mom, Alice, at almost 2am:

“We had to put Abel to sleep today. He had gotten sick a couple of weeks ago but had seemed to be okay until last night. We ended up at the vet this morning and then were sent to the Specialty Vet in Seattle. Tests showed he had a large mass in his heart and a large mass in his abdomen that were both bleeding and were a very fast growing cancer. He could not even come home with us from Seattle because he was continuing to bleed.”

“Abel and I have not been separated since we got him at 8 weeks of age. He has been my constant companion and gave me the security to be alone at home or to go out alone. He was the sweetest most loving friend anyone could have. Our hearts are breaking as we try to understand.”


Be sure to learn more by reading the First Place entry, Alice & Abel (and 4 other CCI puppies), from our prior Healing Power of Goldens Writing Contest.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Service Golden Retriever Abel

  1. This is so sad and unfair……….Alice and Abel are our wonderful friends, and a wonderful team. I’m sure Abel, the sweetest and most handsome boy you could ever meet, will watch down over Alice always. We love you guys!!
    Love, Margaret, Laura Lou and Varly

  2. This is just heartbreaking……..Abel was such a beautiful Golden, our deepest sympathy to Alice and her family.
    We know the terrible pain that she is going through and words at this time seem meaningless.

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