Remembering Golden Retriever Maggie

Store won’t be the same without Maggie
Submitted to the Arbutus Times by Wendy Rosen

Maggie the golden retriever has died. For 12 of her 14 years, she welcomed visitors to Mark Downs Office Furniture in Cockeysville with a bright smile and a wagging tail.

Rescued when she was two by Mark Downs President Steve Rosen, Maggie promoted herself to the post of official greeter five years ago after Dusty, the former greeter, died. Dusty was Rosen’s first golden retriever.

Maggie enjoyed good health nearly all her life. She was able to “work” at the store five or six days a week almost to the end, greeting business owners and corporate executives at the front door on weekdays and playing with the children who came with them on Saturdays.

There were times when customers found their very young children asleep resting on top of Maggie’s big belly. Other times, she ran with the older children visiting the store, weaving in and out of the furniture in the showroom.

“One of her favorite visitors was the mailman,” Rosen said. “Each day he brought her a treat. If she wasn’t waiting at the front door, they would call her over the public address system, and she would run to greet him.”

Over the years, Maggie taught hundreds of children that big dogs can be friendly and gentle — she helped people get over their fear of dogs, Rosen said. “One man who never left his house for any other reason came to the store on a regular basis, just to visit with Maggie,” he said.

Maggie also is survived by Steve Rosen’s son Jeff Rosen — her favorite bedtime buddy as well as the Rosen family and more than 50 employees of Mark Downs Office Furniture.

During her last days, the store employees went on their own to the Hunt Valley Animal Hospital to say their farewells. “We all will miss her,” Rosen said. “There are so many customers who will ask for her. She made thousands of friends.”

The family and Maggie’s friends are suggesting a donation be made in her memory to the GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue Organization, which can be reached at

The Rosens wish to express their deepest thanks to Dr. Gary Brooks and the entire staff at the Hunt Valley Animal Hospital.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Golden Retriever Maggie

  1. Another wonderful story about a Golden that brought joy to so many lives. Rest in peace Maggie….

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