Handsome Service Golden Blip


9/11 widow promotes service dog program

There is no doubt that a dog can brighten someone’s day and be trained to help those with extra needs. Cathy Carilli, whose husband, Tom Sinton III of Croton-on-Hudson, died in the 9/11 attacks, knows the solace that animals can bring all too well and wants to share that – along with their practical assistance – with wounded veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Carilli has created The Tower of Hope Foundation and planned tonight’s fundraiser, “Lighting the Path,” in lower Manhattan to help train dogs to assist veterans who have lost limbs in combat. “During my darkest moments after losing (my husband), it was our pets that gave me comfort when I was alone,” said Carilli, who explained that her tiger-like savannah cats cuddled with her
in the kitchen and reminded her that she wasn’t alone, even though her heart was breaking.

There’s more . . . .

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