Golden Retriever Bear’s sad legacy


Six months ago we wrote an important article on how a Golden Retriever was used, and another continues to be used, to solicit funds (TRADING IN ON TRAGEDY FOR FAME: Succumbing to the Lure of Truthiness).

While there are some hard working emergency workers who would like this travesty of justice to be addressed, it seems the wheels of justice move incredibly slow …. if they move at all.

Folks ask me why they see Scott Shields continuing in his public appearances. They ask me how he could be selected as the safety director for the Mayor’s Cup in NYC when he has no qualifications, and only refers to himself as “Captain” because that is how folks in Connecticut used to refer to him due to his having a boat. They ask why there was no follow-up to the investigation detailed in the New York Post (FRAUD PROBE HOUNDS RESCUER).

I have no answers, though. I will never have any answers. I only fear the innocent people who unknowlingly have him involved in any emergency or rescue situation.

But, on a lighter point, I was provided with the following link on MySpace. It is quite tongue-in-cheek, to say the least. And, the video that plays is sooooo funny.

Just click here.


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