Golden Retriever Golfing Jessie

Golden Jessie giving Dad, Dr. Most, some golfing pointers!

Golden pals, Sheila and Bob Johnson shared this little tidbit.

In Chicago we have a popular radio station WGN 720, which some may have heard of or even listened to as it’s signal reaches 37 states at night. They have regular special guests from time to time one of which is Dr. Kevin Most on health topics. Dr. Most is the Senior Medical Director at Central DuPage Hospital Convenient Care Centers.

He was highlighted in this months news and among questions he was asked was what do you do in your free time? His answer was as follows: “In my spare time: Golf and reading. My girlfriend, Patti, and I take Jessie, our Golden Retriever, to the golf course for long walks. Jessie thinks she owns the place. I have taught her to retrieve my golf shots!”

Heim-Lick Dog Story just goes on and on

Dog’s Life-Saving Heimlich Contradicts Red Cross
Jessica Kartalija Reporting

(WJZ) CALVERT, Md. A Maryland woman and her dog made national headlines this week after the canine saved its owner from choking on a piece of apple.

Now, as the incredible story of the dog performing the Heimlich maneuver on the woman gets around, one national health organization is trying to change the way life-saving mechanisms are administered on choking victims.

As Jessica Kartalija reports, the American Red Cross recently updated the training program for rescuing a choking victim.

“We’ve added–with the abdominal thrust, the five back blows,” said Red Cross official Jane Aksoy. “It’s the combination that we are doing now.”

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