Meet Pamela Anderson’s new Golden Retriever pupper JoJo

At the Land of PureGold, we have been catalogued celebrities from all walks of life who have discovered the wonder of “Gold”. There are hundreds in this collection and it is one of our 1000+ page site’s most visited area.

Animal lover, Pamela Anderson, has been a Golden lover for some time, having her beloved Star for an amazing 17 years! I hope she has similar luck with her new handsome little guy, JoJo.

You can see the entire collection by clicking here. Below, is Pam’s listing that appears at my site:

PAMELA ANDERSON (actress) has a Golden Retriever named Superstar Bar “Star”. Star came from a shelter, rescued by this fair-haired TV lifeguard. Doesn’t he look happy on the cover of the Summer 2001 Issue of Animal Fair, a lifestyle magazine for animal lovers, these gorgeous Golden photos taken by Christopher Ameruoso.

This is what Pamela had to say about about her Golden boy in the Animal Fair Cover Story article: “Star was the runt of the litter and was born not breathing. Star was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and brought back to life.”

(Summer 2005) Pam had this to say about Star: “Star’s like a person; he’s my partner in crime. He’s been with me longer than anybody… I can see how long I’ve been in LA and Hollywood when I look at Star. “I look at Star and I can see my whole life pass before me. I can remember when he was three months, six months… and whatever I was doing in my career I can kind of judge from the pictures and the memories that I have with Star.“He’s old for a big dog but he’s very healthy, he’s like a puppy. He has a great spirit and he’s in the water every day, he’s on the beach as much as possible. I think that’s what keeps him young.”
Sad Update: March 18, 2007
“I just lost my 17-year-old golden retriever today ‘STAR’… I’m at a turning point in my life – it’s been over a month of carrying him to the grass and holding him up to walk and pee and have some dignity… He has been with me since his birth…as long as I’ve been in LA. Today is one of the hardest days I’ve experienced…it shines a light on the 17 years in LA and the good the bad and the ugly.” Pamela Anderson

Update: March 29, 2007

Pam just added a new little guy to the family. Boy, is he a cutie. Meet JoJo.


2 thoughts on “Meet Pamela Anderson’s new Golden Retriever pupper JoJo

  1. Sincere sympathy on you loss. 17 years is a great life span for Star. We lost our Jenny on March 14, 2007, she was 13 1/2 and we had the same type of last month you described. But they are true love.

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