Meet Pamela Anderson’s new Golden Retriever pupper JoJo

At the Land of PureGold, we have been catalogued celebrities from all walks of life who have discovered the wonder of “Gold”. There are hundreds in this collection and it is one of our 1000+ page site’s most visited area.

Animal lover, Pamela Anderson, has been a Golden lover for some time, having her beloved Star for an amazing 17 years! I hope she has similar luck with her new handsome little guy, JoJo.

You can see the entire collection by clicking here. Below, is Pam’s listing that appears at my site:

PAMELA ANDERSON (actress) has a Golden Retriever named Superstar Bar “Star”. Star came from a shelter, rescued by this fair-haired TV lifeguard. Doesn’t he look happy on the cover of the Summer 2001 Issue of Animal Fair, a lifestyle magazine for animal lovers, these gorgeous Golden photos taken by Christopher Ameruoso.

This is what Pamela had to say about about her Golden boy in the Animal Fair Cover Story article: “Star was the runt of the litter and was born not breathing. Star was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and brought back to life.”

(Summer 2005) Pam had this to say about Star: “Star’s like a person; he’s my partner in crime. He’s been with me longer than anybody… I can see how long I’ve been in LA and Hollywood when I look at Star. “I look at Star and I can see my whole life pass before me. I can remember when he was three months, six months… and whatever I was doing in my career I can kind of judge from the pictures and the memories that I have with Star.“He’s old for a big dog but he’s very healthy, he’s like a puppy. He has a great spirit and he’s in the water every day, he’s on the beach as much as possible. I think that’s what keeps him young.”
Sad Update: March 18, 2007
“I just lost my 17-year-old golden retriever today ‘STAR’… I’m at a turning point in my life – it’s been over a month of carrying him to the grass and holding him up to walk and pee and have some dignity… He has been with me since his birth…as long as I’ve been in LA. Today is one of the hardest days I’ve experienced…it shines a light on the 17 years in LA and the good the bad and the ugly.” Pamela Anderson

Update: March 29, 2007

Pam just added a new little guy to the family. Boy, is he a cutie. Meet JoJo.


Remembering Golden Retriever SAR Dog Dusty

Dusty has been featured at our site since shortly after the 9/11 attacks. So, it is especially sad to learn of her tragic death.

Here are two wonderful articles, each with a video clip showing Dusty on the job.

Sacramento Metro Fire Mourns Loss Of Rescue Dog
CBS13, John Iander Reporting

Click here for video

(CBS13) SACRAMENTO Tomorrow, fire fighters around the nation say “goodbye” to one of their own. One who has four legs. “Dusty”, Sacramento’s famous search and rescue dog was killed two weeks ago.

These are tough days for Metro Fire Captain Randy Gross. wo weeks ago, he lost his partner, Dusty, his twelve year old golden retriever. The same search and rescue dog that worked with him on 9/11 hunting for survivors of the World Trade Center attacks. The best way to describe her is unwavering dedication and commitment. That was what she was all about. I wish we all could live her life like she did,” he says.

As randy showed CBS13 a scrap book of Dusty’s pictures, the phone kept ringing with calls of condolence. Dusty was full of energy and courage. Climbing ladders, no problem. Riding in helicopters, loved it. Searching for survivors in oily, muddy gunk – Dusty never flinched.

No one here at station 62 can understand how dusty got through a fence, ran out onto Bradshaw Road and was stuck by a car.

On Tuesday, dusty will be honored and remembered as a dog that kept making headlines. The first one ever to close a day’s trading at the New York Stock Exchange. The dog that met the president not once, but twice. The lover that became everyone’s friend, of course a cheese puff snack didn’t hurt.

Randy played with Dusty’s play toy for a moment, swallowed hard and told CBS13’s John Iander he will not get another search dog. Dusty was it.

Search Dog Remembered for Dedication
By Elizabeth Bishop, Senior Internet News Producer

A Look at Dusty’s Life Video

Dusty, one of the most photographed rescue dogs during 9/11 will be remembered Tuesday for her search and rescue efforts.

Dusty was struck by a vehicle on March 12 in front of Sacramento Fire Station number 62. She suffered severe trauma and passed away the following day.

Along with her handler and partner, Captain Randy Gross, she looked for survivors during rescue efforts at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and after Hurricane Katrina. She served the nation and the community in a lot of ways,” Gross said. “She has been there in case disaster strikes, and she has been across the nation to help find survivors when disaster strikes. And to have a tool like that ready and to go to work immediately in our community is very important and not many communities have.”

Dusty was the first dog to be trained by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation for the Urban Search and Rescue program. Gross had recently announced Dusty’s retirement at a search dog event in Seaside, Monterey County, on March 10. She was to become Gross’ family dog.

“She loved to search, and that was her world and that what she loved doing,” Gross said. “As we watched her search at every training once a week for the past 10 years you could see the enjoyment and watched as she got old and a little arthritis in her back. She didn’t slow down. She just pushed her way through the pain. She loved doing it so much. It’s tough to see her go after she done what she had done and wanting her to retire. She lived her life to the fullest.”

Dusty’s memorial service will be held Tuesday at the La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael.

Golden Retriever Summit set to compete


Outlook golden for dog show
BY JEFF NACHTIGAL, Californian staff writer

By 8 a.m. on Saturday, Marjorie Blake will be ringside at the Kern County Fairgrounds, ready to show the first of her four golden retrievers. Based on his previous triumphs, Blake’s 2-year-old champion Summit will be one of the final goldens to take his turn around the ring.

Of all the dogs she has raised over the years, Blake says Summit may be her best.

For Blake, it will be her 25th year showing dogs, including annual trips to New York for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. For 2-year-old Summit, the show will be another step toward a possible No. 1 national rating in the special class reserved for champion dogs.

There’s more plus a great video of Summit in training. . . .