Remembering Golden Retriever – Jake the Diamond Dog


Jake the Diamond Dog is a tradition that spans canine generations. The original Jake, right, carried a bat as his successor learned the trade.

The above photo is a bittersweet one, with the mentioning of Jake’s successor learning the trade. That is because Jake suffered a stroke on March 18, 2007 and died the next day. Fourteen years old at the time, he was best known for performing at Louisville Bats games.

“My new dog has taken over,” said owner Jeff Marchal of Harrod, Ohio, “but it’s not Jake.” (The canine will keep the same moniker as his predecessor.) “I thought I was big, I thought I was tough, but I’ll tell you what, it’s been a rough road,” Marchal said.

Come learn more about Jake the Diamond Dog — a special guy who worked the ballfields and the nursing homes & hospitals doing visitations.


4 thoughts on “Remembering Golden Retriever – Jake the Diamond Dog

  1. Oh Rochelle’ When we opened your blog today we were just heartbroken to hear the news of “Jake”.
    We new him from the start, as he received his first big break with the Kane County Cougars, who play their games just 12 miles from our home.
    It is so sad that just as the baseball season is beginning this had to happen.
    14 years old, what a long and wonderful life he had and the joy he spread to so many is a wonderful tribute.
    Jake’s successor will be in Kane County 11 times this year, with the first appearance being May 17-20.
    He was a very special guy, and we are sure he is at the bridge with all of our Golden loves and they have got a great game of baseball going.

  2. We had the privilege of seeing Jake at a couple of the Bat’s games. He was smart, funny and he made everyone laugh. There is nothing a golden loves more than making people happy. He was loved by all and will be missed. Jake, Jr. has some big shoes to fill.

  3. Like anyone who has ever come into contact with Jake, this is a heartfelt and teary day to learn of his passing. 14 years is an amazing life for an animal that brought joy, laughter and love to so many. Jake’s wonderful legacy is also a tribute to his owner and trainer Jeff “DogMan” Marchal, who I hope will continue to train more of Jake’s pups to continue the role of The Diamond Dog.
    We see so many stories about the wonders of animals and humans interacting and bringing love and joy – Jake was the epitome of that.
    If heaven allows dogs, I know that Jake is right now bringing a basket of water bottles out to the Archangles.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Jake is no longer with you Jeff, but I am also sad that I never met Jericho, the original diamond dog!

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