Golden Retriever Toby Lifesaver — Update

Yesterday morning I put up a story about Golden Toby, the Heimlich boy lifesaver (Golden Retriever Toby saves owner’s life).

Of course, Gary, my pharmacist husband, laughed at when I tried to tell him about it. The story occurred in my home state of Maryland so I’ve had a chance to see Toby profiled on a few different channels. On one channel it spoke of the national interest in the story and requests for this special duo to appear on numerous talk shows. So, we will all have to stay tuned.

It was interesting to hear about Toby being rescued from a dumpster at 4 weeks of age and now being able to repay the kindness.

Now, since you did not get to see the local coverage of Toby, here is a link to a video broadcast.

WJZ Video of Toby’s story


2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Toby Lifesaver — Update

  1. I love this story. But I couldn’t get the video. When I clicked on the link, I got an Anne Arundal bank robbery.

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