Golden Retriever Dylan, Denver’s Flying Dog Remembered

Rob Marshall is Denver, Colorado’s FOX 31 helicopter pilot/reporter, sporting much experience and an unblemished record for safety. Amazingly, he has taken his Golden Dylan, in the air, every morning for the last 10 years, speaking about their spending time together 24-7.

Dylan’s love of snow and mountains belies the fact that he was born in the marshlands of Charleston, SC. Dylan got his first taste of flying in LA and took to it right away. He has also starred in several commercials for Raley’s and his friendly personality, intelligence, good looks and manners won him many admirers. Dylan’s other interests include swimming, boating, hiking, chasing squirrels and collecting plastic water bottles for recycling.

Sadly, the Fox station announced today that Denver’s only Flying Dog has left for The Bridge. Recently, Rob had to make the difficult decision to put his friend to sleep. Dylan had been fighting health problems during the past year, that began with a diagnosis of bone cancer and subsequent amputation. And, while he seemed to be progressing in his rehabilitation, he developed problems in his spine that caused him difficulty in lifting his back end.


Learn more through these two extensive and quite moving TV videos, as well as a gallery of photos of handsome Dylan.

Remembering Dylan, Denver’s Only Flying Dog

Rob Marshall Shares Memories about Dylan

Photos: Dylan, The Flying Dog


The following are a series of videos with Rob and Dylan that show the last year’s trials and tribulations and more.

Denver’s Only Flying Dog Recovering from Surgery

Fox 31’s Dylan Recovering From Surgery

Denver’s Only Flying Dog Recovering at Home

Flying Dog, Polar Bear Share a Moment

Dylan Doing Well, Hoping to Fly Again Soon

Denver’s Famous Flying Dog is Back in the Chopper Again

Dylan Enters Rehabilitation

Dylan Continues on the Road to Recovery

Dylan the Flying Dog is Doing Great!

Dylan and Deckers

Dylan the Flying Dog’s Battle With Cancer


11 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Dylan, Denver’s Flying Dog Remembered

  1. Not much to say, we know the tremendous pain Mr. Marshall is experiencing, and we did send a note to the station expressing our condolences.
    It is just amazing how these Goldens can get into everyone’s heart.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a story. What can I say? This has touched my heart so deeply. That video of Dylan being wheeled in his wagon through the news room for the last time brought tears to my eyes. Rest peacefully sweet boy. You were truly loved and your memory will live in the hearts of those you touched forever.

  3. Even with the sound on my computer not working, I cried through the whole video. I have three goldens myself, and it is truly touching to see the love and devotion between these two. What a wonderful life Dylan had! And how blessed was everyone he shared his life with. It was a beautiful tribute to this gentle soul, and it is no wonder that the news team was so choked up.

    Dylan now runs pain-free with all four good legs at the Rainbow Bridge. I know that when Rob reaches the rainbow bridge, Dylan will be waiting for him.

    Very touching. And I need a tissue…

  4. I am so, so sorry to read about Dylan. It hits close to home since I lost my special Golden Boy just over a week ago. I know how Rob must be feeling right now and I also know how brave he had to be to give Dylan his final gift of a painless sleep.

  5. Oh my gosh, I am bawling. That tribute video was so amazing. Watching Dylan in his red wagon, being wheeled through the newsroom for the last time to say goodbye to all of his friends … that was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. It was so hard to watch because Dylan looks SO much like my Tucker … faded nose and all!!! I am so sorry for what Rob has to go through now … life without his best friend and beloved companion. What a brave, selfless decision he made to stop Dylan’s suffering. Dylan is watching over Rob now, with no pain and that big smile, and he will take care of Rob until Rob joins him at the bridge.

  6. I had already seen Dylan’s story on the Denver news and cried buckets of tears for Rob and Dylan, and watching the video brought it all on again. This incredible dog with a heart of gold brought news anchors, who report the grimmest of events on a daily basis without raising an eyebrow, to tears and hardly able to speak. I once met Dylan in dog person when I was in Denver and Rob was talking to a group of school kids about his job. The kids couldn’t get enough of the sweet Golden dog who licked each and every face. Dylan was loving every minute of it, too, and his tail never stopped wagging. I am warmed by the memory of my brief interaction, punctuated by a sloppy kiss on the face, with this wonderful dog. I hope Rob believes in the Rainbow Bridge and knows Dylan is now romping on four strong, healthy legs, chasing after a never ending supply of balls…..waiting for the day he and Rob are together again.

  7. Oh my goodness, is there a purer love than the love of a Golden? I will soon have to make the same decision for my love and I hope I am half as strong as Rob is.

  8. I agree … watching the news anchors (especially the men) so choked up was heartbreaking.

  9. Run free at the Bridge, sweet boy, where you are healthy and whole once more!! I never knew you, but I know that love, and I share it with two beautiful, innocent souls like yours. Thank you for your beauty and joy, and for sharing your life and love with us.

    Run wild and free!!

  10. I started watching Fox 31 because of Dylan. Dylan looked so much like my one special Golden I lost. Dylan made me feel better seeing that little grey face. I’m on my 3rd golden. They are truely special friends and hard to say goodbye to. My best to you Rob. Looks like Duece will be a great new friend.

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