Golden Retriever Zach and his mom saved

An act of love
By Juli Rothstein, Portsmouth Herald, Photo by Deb Cram

EXETER The owner of a local canine celebrity said, despite a big scare on Wednesday, the golden retriever will continue to be a familiar downtown presence. Susan Henderson, owner of the Inn by the Bandstand, attempted to save her 6-year-old dog, Zachariah, when he fell through the ice on Exeter River.

“Zach has kind of been the mayor of Exeter, if the town had a mayor,” Henderson explained with a laugh on the evening following the incident.

Henderson, who lives at 44 Franklin St., let her two golden retrievers outside for a few minutes around 7:15 a.m. Wednesday while she finished getting ready to take them for a walk. A few minutes later, after calling for Zach to no avail, she looked out back and saw him “clinging for dear life to an ice shelf.”

“I looked out in the river, and there was this big, blond ball of fur in the river,” Henderson said. The dog had gone out onto the semi-frozen Exeter River directly behind his house, and had fallen through the ice.

Click here for a video of Zach and his mom telling the tale.


Golden Retriever Scout swimming to better health

Golden Scout had problems walking due to hip dysplasia. After four months of swimming, he’s now walking better and losing weight.

Have fun watching the following CBS News video. I just love watching my Alfie in a hydrotherapy session.

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Golden Retriever Jake: 17-year-old protector


For artist, 90, a life well spent
By Garth Wade, Star-Gazette

Lena Lewis Rieppel sits among her artwork in her country home near Mansfield protected by Jake, a king-sized golden retriever. It is a magical place inside and out.

Lena’s walls are filled with paintings she created over a life that reached 90 years last week. One drawing shows the mailman aboard the horse-drawn wagon he used to deliver her family’s mail when she was a young girl. Another is the violin her grandfather made for her.

And there’s Lena’s husband, Paul, tending the fire. Paul vowed he’d live to 95, and he did. He celebrated his 95th birthday last Christmas and died nine days later. Their marriage lasted 68 years and produced five kids who added 21 grandchildren who added 23 great-grandchildren.

Lena’s constant companion these days is 17-year-old Jake, a massive golden retriever with hurting hips and a powerful love for her. Lesser loves are cookies and the aspirin that eases his pain. Lena spent three days in the hospital recently. Jake waited by her bed until she came home.

Jake gently placed himself between her chair and mine when I stopped by a week ago. I got the message.

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