Therapy Golden Retriever Bailey big hit

Pets’ monthly visits bring out kids’ best
5-year-old Bailey a big hit at Hannah More
By JULIA WILSON, Owings Mills Times

She was hairy and drooling, and she had big sharp teeth, but the students at Hannah More School didn’t care. They loved her anyway.

Nine children gathered around Bailey like she was their special gift on Christmas morning. It was their favorite day of the month: pet therapy day. “What’s her name?” “Do you brush her teeth?” “Where does she sleep?” “Does she bark?”

The questions came fast and furious as Bailey, a 5-year-old golden retriever, wagged her tail and enjoyed the attention. Claire Hoffman, Bailey’s owner, sat smiling as her furry pet basked in the attention, fielding questions as they flew her way. The students, most with some level of autism, were free with their admiration of Bailey.

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