Would you pay $25,000 to save your dog?

Would you pay $25,000 to save a pet?
Price is no object for some when it comes to saving their animals
By Benjamin Niolet, News Observer Staff Writer, photos by Jason Arthurs

Jane Phipps takes a nap on the living room floor next to her dog Tony, who is recovering from extensive medical care that has Phipps facing thousands of dollars in vet bills. She says the extra time with Tony makes it worth the price.

About a month ago Tony, a dog, ruptured a disc and started fighting to breathe. His owner, Jane Phipps, rushed him to a veterinary hospital. He underwent surgery and spent 30 days on a ventilator. Tony pulled through, although he still needs physical therapy.

And now Phipps needs $25,000 to cover her vet bill. So far, her only plan to pay it down is a yard sale. She’s put more than $16,000 on a credit card.

“Some people think I’m a lunatic for spending that kind of money,” said Phipps, 53, a nurse who reviews medical charts for an insurance company. “My priorities are my family, and he’s a part of my family. …

“The way the world works now … the only person who really doesn’t judge you and loves you unconditionally is a pet.”

The bill shows how far Phipps was willing to go to maintain that relationship. As veterinary care has become more advanced, people have become willing to go to extraordinary lengths to care for their pets. The days are gone when there were basically two types of pet — the healthy and the dead.

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3 thoughts on “Would you pay $25,000 to save your dog?

  1. I can relate so well to these people spending thousands on their cherished canine family members. My husband and I have done so ourselves…we had approximately $20,000+ spent on our Golden Retriever, Gus and had it not been for his recent death, we would still be spending more. There is nothing material the money could have bought which would have been worth more.

  2. Donna-
    Pet Insurance can be a real plus if you are treating your pet with conventional medicine….In Gus’ case, much of his treatment was with Chinese herbal medicine and that was not covered under my pet insurance plan. They did however cover his surgeries and Western modalities. There are a lot of plans out there. I am very happy with VPI but you have to shop around to see which one fits you and your pet the best.
    Mary Jane

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