More about Golden Retriever pup issues on movie set

Bethel pups die after trip to movie set
By Victor Whitman, Times Herald-Record


Alex Schock operates White Lake Goldens, a kennel for golden retrievers, out of his home in Bethel. Two of his puppies had to be euthanized and more than a dozen got sick in Vancouver during production of the Walt Disney film “Snow Buddies.”

Bethel — In 2006, Disney’s publicity machine trotted out Alex Schock’s puppies on the Fox network and on its DVD covers for its release of “Air Buddies,” aimed to warm the hearts of 8-year-olds. Disney’s production company, Snow Buddies Productions, was so impressed that it wanted the Bethel breeder’s golden retriever puppies to appear in its next movie, “Snow Buddies.”

On Feb. 5, Schock flew a litter of 10 puppies from New York City to Washington state. On Feb. 19, he flew 15 more puppies out west. They were 6 and 7 weeks old. The puppies were picked up and driven to Vancouver, where the movie is being shot.


Two of the puppies are now dead, a total of 15 became ill, and Schock is under investigation by animal rights groups for shipping underage puppies. “These puppies were very young; they were highly stressed from the trip,” said Karen Rosa of the American Humane Association’s Los Angeles-based Film & TV Unit. “The puppies did become ill, they were pulled from set and never allowed to work, and treated by a vet, and two had to be euthanized.”

The animal rights group PETA has called on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate Schock and Disney’s production company for violating a federal law that prohibits puppies from being shipped for commercial purposes when they’re less than 8 weeks old.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Deaths on Snow Buddies set

Humane group probes puppy deaths
Snow Buddies Productions company had two puppies die, 15 get sick
By David Carrigg, The Province

VANCOUVER – The American Humane Association is probing a Vancouver film-production firm after two of its puppies had to be euthanized and at least 15 fell sick. Some were just six weeks old when they arrived from the U.S.

“Those pups should not have been away from their mothers — they were too young,” said Karen Rosa, director of the association’s L.A.-based Film & TV Unit. “Two puppies have died. They were both euthanized by a vet.”

The association monitors animals on movie shoots. Rosa said when an association worker arrived in Vancouver at the start of production of Snow Buddies on Feb. 19 there were 15 puppies on set and another 15 were being treated by a vet.

“The moment we got there we stepped in and determined none of the pups could be used in the production,” Rosa said. “American Humane is conducting a full investigation. We have a great many questions.”

The two pups were put down after Feb. 19, she said.

Snow Buddies Productions received 25 six-week-old golden retrievers last month from a New York breeder. Five other pups came from a Canadian breeder.

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