Golden Retriever Bailey at 15 and still going!

I think it’s time for me to get Alfie back in the warm relaxed waters of my local hydrotherapy center. I just love watching him go. He is not thrilled when we begin but I do think he comes to enjoy himself once he begins feeling comfortable.

I did the activity more with Darcy since she was involved in agility and had a touch of arthritis due to jumping with too much force on her exits from the a-frame.

I recently did a post about a new hydrotherapy operation in Waltham, MA, detailing the plight of Golden Therapy Dog Luke. It was so wonderful to see someone actually begin a new career because of an ailment in her own dog.

Well, this photo (by Bill Polo at the Boston Globe) comes from AquaDog, showing a 15-year-old lass named Bailey. Is this a great image or what? What a lovely face! I think she was a bit relaxed after her swim lol, now being helped out of the pool after the session.

Lapping up water workouts

Amy Lord says her 15-year-old golden retriever, Bailey, has been rejuvenated by her visits to AquaDog. “Since she’s been swimming, she’s had more energy; she’s been more playful,” Lord said. At first, Bailey was so frightened of the water she was shaking. “I was afraid she wouldn’t swim there. And now she goes for 20 minutes at a time,” said Lord.


2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Bailey at 15 and still going!

  1. This is such an uplifting story, anything that can assist our Goldens in living a longer healthier life is tremendous.

  2. We are thinking of this same treatment for our 15 1/2 year old golden, Buttons. He too is doing very well, although has been in diapers for a year and a half. He is totally incontinent but otherwise happy, and eating well!!

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