Do you remember love

I discovered a new little slide show which you may enjoy. It ends with an ad for a book about dogs and their people meditating together. But, I have no info on the book and some of the feedback comments lead me to believe the book is quite simplistic. Even so, you may enjoy the slide show, which can be found here.

Artist Fred Stone – such a talent

I have been trying to bring some special, and high-end items to our foundation store. While all proteins must be organic or free-range, grass-fed and chemical-free, the art that I offer is somewhat varied. I do love whimsical art and have a few vendors that provide such fancies, but my own art background and formal training was based on the techniques of the old masters such as Rembrandt. That is probably why I just love Fred Stone’s work.


The image here, of a Golden Search and Rescue team from Dade County, Florida, is one that will forever touch our hearts, our own framed copy gazed upon daily. You can click here to learn more about the history of this famous Golden team and Fred’s momentous undertaking. Entitled, PARTNERS, it is Fred’s most famous painting, and sales of its related merchandise has raised over a half million dollars for charities such as the ASPCA, Canine Search & Rescue, and the families of New York City Firefighters who died on 9/11.

I have carried Fred’s Partners items for some time now, this image above available on a poster, canvas, gold-rimmed coffee mug, and t-shirt. Personally, I have the poster framed in my office and also love my mug and t-shirt. In fact, I have bought multiple t-shirts as they have worn out over the years from so much wear.

But, now I have decided to carry much of Fred’s complete equine-themed works as he is the best known painter of horses in the world today. The Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune have called him the most famous painter of horses in the world. His work is in the homes of some of the world’s most notable people including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in the office of the president in the White House. And, more people own a Fred Stone print than that of any other horse artist in history, making him the most sought after equine artist in the world.

This is one of my favorites, below, but there are so many, with every famous race horse captured so perfectly by Fred’s talented hands. Check it out!


Golden Retriever Sophie Saved!


Lost-dog story concludes with happy ending
By Niki Desautels, The Bellingham Herald

Sophie plopped down under some bushes, too weak to move, close to death. Some 50 yards away, two English springer spaniels that belong to Bob and Kathleen Hook barked and carried on. It wasn’t the first time the spaniels made noise while in their backyard kennel and dog run. Sometimes it was a deer, but for several days they’d shown extra interest in the woods beyond.

On Sunday morning, Feb. 25, Bob Hook went out to feed his barking dogs. Curious, he peered toward the brambles. “I saw this little patch of fur not moving,” he said. “All of a sudden Sophie stuck her head up and looked at me.” Bob and his wife beat their way through the thick brush to the young golden retriever. They offered her a biscuit, then carried her to their yard and called the phone number on her tag.

Sophie’s owners, Bellingham residents David and Marilew Calapp, were in California when the call came. It had been 56 days since they’d seen their beloved Sophie. “It just brought us to tears,” David said.

It was New Year’s Eve and some friends were visiting the Calapps at their home just above the east side of Lake Whatcom, about half a mile downslope from the Hooks’ house. The Calapps have an electric fence for Sophie, so they didn’t think twice when they let her outside that evening to go to the bathroom. In retrospect, they suspect the battery in her fence collar had gone dead, so Sophie may have wandered and then was spooked by fireworks later that night. She didn’t come back.

The Calapps and their friends walked and drove around for two hours that night. They left their garage door open a bit, so Sophie could go inside if she returned. They put food and water out for her on the front porch. They also posted fliers, hundreds of them, and walked neighborhood roads and trails. People called to report sightings. One time, David raced to Alabama Hill when a caller reported seeing Sophie, but it was another golden retriever. People called to check how the search was going. “This town is obviously filled with a lot of dog lovers,” David said.

The weeks dragged by. Rain and snowstorms came and went. The Calapps didn’t give up, but began to consider they’d never see Sophie again. Still, they didn’t put away her bed in the garage.

There’s much more . . . . .

Golden Retriever Cameo is Top Dog

Owner retrieves a top dog rosette
By Peterborough Today News Staff

POSH pooch Cameo showed she was the creme de la creme as she scooped a prize at the world’s most prestigious dog show. The prize dog, from Gedney Hill, near Wisbech, beat tough competition from 18 other golden retrievers including a show champion.

Her owner, Diana Cruttwell, has attended the prestigious dog show twice now, and both times left as a winner. The two-year-old golden retriever, known as Ashbyglen Creme de la Creme, wowed the judges and won her undergraduate class.

Mrs Cruttwell said she was proud to walk away with one of the famous red rosettes. She said: “To have won any place in the class would have been fine but coming first was just amazing.”