Golden Retriever Harley still remembered

I do not get out much these days due to illness, so it was a GReat surprise to get to the post office and see that donations were still coming in for Harley. There is no question that folks are truly concerned about the plight of our special furry companions. And, the fact that Harley, and his work with our wounded soldiers, will be remembered and utilized to help other working Goldens is inspiring.

As a special educator before becoming a school psychologist and graduate school instructor, I am always thrilled when children become involved at our family-oriented site. I had worked at one of the schools in Maryland that had a large military population, so I can easily understand how a teacher at such a school in Texas would be touched by this story.

Keri Robertson’s class is very lucky to have such a GReat teacher. I will be sending a Golden plush pup to the class along with some other special Golden goodies.

I also received a donation to our Helping Harley Fund from Nancy Orth of Seaman, Ohio. It was bittersweet, though, as Nancy enclosed a photo of her Therapy Dog International certified Golden girl, Marriet (shown here on the left).

She had worked with Nancy for seven years doing therapy work, but sadly succumbed to hemangiosarcoma on December 3, 2005. Marriet was only 10-years-old at the time.

Nancy also enclosed a second photo of 9-year-old Golden Oscar (on the right). This handsome boy was adopted from an Ohio rescue organization in April 2006. And, even with his senior status, we all know it is never too late to learn.

Oscar started in January 2007 in a special therapy dog class at the local dog school. He has already made two visits to a nursing home, doing very well at his new job!