Goldens Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry

McFly link up with Guide Dogs
By Benedict Moore-Bridger

DANNY, Dougie, Tom and Harry are very cute and cuddly – and all the girls love them. But these four handsome youngsters are not the familiar stars from the hugely successful British band McFly. They are actually from a litter of guide dog puppies that have just met their famous namesakes for the first time.

The golden retriever pups – who are just three months old – made a special trip to London to catch up with the band who are promoting their forthcoming single Transylvania, taken from the album Motion In The Ocean.

Band member Tom said: “I love dogs and so it’s just awesome to have a litter of guide dog pups named after our band. These puppies will one day make a huge difference to the lives of people with sight loss and I’m really proud to be following them on that journey.”

McFly will follow the progress of the pups as they become qualified guide dogs.

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