Golden Retriever Pal making a difference

Good Connections: Pets bring in smiles and love


The animals and their human volunteers help with therapy at many facilities in the KC area.
By Debra Skodack, The Kansas City Star

Donna Amato and her dog, Pal, spent some quality time recently with resident Paul Lee at Villa St. Francis in Olathe.

A brain aneurysm took words and most movement from Lou Clery, but not his ability to smile his special way — a tilt of his head, a parting of his lips. Clery, 48, does it when he sees his mom. And when he sees a dog.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Pal making a difference

  1. Rochelle; We love the look of your new Blog, and the Title “Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears but always food for the soul” say it all. Thanks again for doing this wonderful service.

  2. That phrase has always been there, but hidden in the other blog design. I changed designs as I thought this one more clean and simple, so now it shows up. I never figured out why it got hidden with the other design. But, then, I never figure out half of the stuff that goes wrong with things I’m doing online.

    You two need to go campaigning me for with Golden placards, trying to let folks know where they need to be finding their news lol.

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