Golden Retriever Soo – man’s best friend

Canine accounts – Wheelpower
By Anthony Thanasayan

. . . a wonderful account of true canine loyalty: a group of disabled friends and I, comprising the blind, those in wheelchairs, the learning disabled, and the elderly, visited Razak Walk at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong, Selangor, on the fourth day of Chinese New Year.

Razak Walk is a special area in FRIM which has disabled-friendly features so that the handicapped can enjoy the wonders of nature. We were there to give user-friendly advice regarding the facilities. I took Soo, my Golden Retriever.

No sooner had we arrived when it started to rain heavily. There was no place to take shelter. We had to stay under the pelting rain for half an hour, with umbrellas above our heads.

Though I had some protection with my brolly, Soo didn’t. He was drenched. This was the first time Soo had been caught in such a situation but he never budged. He just stood there in the rain with me for the full half hour.

Any other canine would have headed for cover but Soo stood virtually motionless and completely focused. As far as he was concerned, he has the most important job in the world, which is to never leave my side, no matter what.

That’s man’s best friend for you, folks!


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