Golden Retriever Moose relieving pain for others

Since recovering from near-fatal injuries, Moose the dog is helping patients in Cedarville heal
By Jean Bilodeaux, Herald and News

CEDARVILLE – The child is screaming in pain when he enters the Surprise Valley Medical Clinic. Dr. Chuck Colas examines the child and finds he has a dislocated elbow. As the boy continues to cry, a golden retriever rushes from a nearby office and runs to the child. The dog, Moose, soon distracts the boy and he stops crying. “He does that on his own,” Colas said. “It bothers him to hear kids crying.”

Colas thinks Moose reacts to children crying because he knows what it’s like to be in pain.

A Sunday drive
Colas was on a Sunday drive to Alturas when he saw a co-worker and her husband, Lee and Jim Haily, on the side of the highway. He stopped to see if they needed help. The couple said a golden retriever had been hit and left to die. “The dog was severely injured and couldn’t stand,” Colas said. “If I’d had my gun, I would have shot him to put him out of his misery.”

Colas and the Hailys agreed to split Moose’s veterinary bill. “We took the dog to veterinarian, Ryan DePaul, who diagnosed a collapsed lung, bruised liver and some minor scrapes. The dog’s owner wanted to put him down.” “I asked if I could have him and they gave him to me,” Colas said. “People think that because I’m a doctor I saved the dog. I didn’t. Ryan did all the work.”

Moose completely recovered from his injuries. Not only does he help frightened children, but he visits patients and residents at the Surprise Valley Hospital.

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3 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Moose relieving pain for others

  1. Hey nice story, and it takes your breath away when you here how badly Moose was injured.
    I think your wrong ‘sorry’ but Moose sounds very smart and no dought loving!
    You know they say sometimes a persons pet can be abit like the owner! 🙂
    I’m going for smart and loving! 🙂

  2. Thanks so mucgh for printing the article. It tares me up to say this, but I lost Moose about 6 weeks ago. He was ran over by a truck in a freak accident out in the dessert.
    He was the best dog I have ever had, and he really did care for people, and the way they felt. Moose can never be replaced, and I will never forget him. I still have patients asking about him all the time.
    I’m glad I got to have him, he brought a lot of comfort and joy to people all around here. Thanks again for printing his story. He was and still is my best friend.

    Chuck Colas

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