Buddy and his Separation Anxiety

A dog you cannot leave behind
By Liz Margerum, Reno Gazette-Journal

Chuck McArthur needed a friend and so did Buddy. They turned out to be perfect for each other. “He’ll walk a couple steps in front of me and look back to see if I’m all right,” McArthur said of Buddy. “He keeps an eye on me wherever I go.”

McArthur, 63, has diabetes and lives in a Reno apartment. Buddy, 8, is McArthur’s dog. “Right now, he’s lying on the bed,” McArthur said. “Just kind of kicking back relaxing.”

McArthur adopted Buddy this month from the animal shelter in Reno, where members of the Nevada Humane Society feared the yellow Labrador golden retriever mix would never find a home. Before McArthur, a Vietnam War veteran, showed up, Buddy had been adopted, then returned to the shelter. The dog couldn’t be left alone. “He, unfortunately, suffers from severe separation anxiety,” said Alena Fencl, the society’s community outreach coordinator. “It’s pretty rare.”

Buddy is fine, as long as he’s around people. When Buddy’s by himself, he doesn’t kick back and relax. “It creates a panic attack in the dog,” Fencl said. “They become very destructive. They aren’t doing it because they’re mad. They are just anxious.”

It was difficult to find an owner for Buddy.

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