A New Addition to the Family!

Well, it’s been a very exciting time in my family these days. And, while this is not Golden-oriented, I thought folks would still want to share in the joy.

I have a very small family, and with my illness that keeps me at home much of the time, I get to see them so seldom these days. But, due to the miracle of teh internets as they say and email and photo sharing sites, I am able to vicariously share in the wondrous times and celebrations.

My sister Bonnie has just become a grandmother (for the first time which makes it that much more exciting), her daughter Brette having just given birth to a son this past Monday, February 26th. At 21″ and weighing in at 9lbs and 3oz, he was definitely ready to join us. His name is Hunter Daniel and he already has a canine (Bernese Mountain Dog) brother named Kody who is definitely intrigued by his presence. This is what my niece, Brette, had to say about their budding relationship:

Kody kissed him today while we were changing his clothes. It was very sweet. At first he ignored him and I but he is getting use to the idea of having a baby brother. They will grow to love each other, I can see it now.

I am hoping to see the baby soon so that I can deliver some gifts and love in person and do some loving on him myself. But, in the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos. The first shows the handsome doc holding the prize; the next is Mom Brette in the operating room; and, the final one is my joyful sister holding her very first grandson.