Golden Retriever Ridley’s a Surfer Too!

After our recent post about Saint, the Golden dude surfer, Diane sent along photos of her own little incredibly adorable surfer, Ridley, with this note (that I do hope Saint’s mom sees!):

That footage is very cool!!! I do wish he wasn’t leashed to the board tho – very, very dangerous! Dangerous enough for humans. I’m sure she monitors it carefully, but our boys surfed when we lived in Hawaii and I grew up in California, and he board can be thrown back and Saint would have no idea that the board was coming at him.








Drug Detection Golden Retriever Cisco

Rookie canine cop sniffs out a suspect
By Brent Whiting, The Arizona Republic

For Cisco, a rookie on the Youngtown police force, it was an exercise of putting his nose to the grindstone. The shorthaired golden retriever was credited Thursday by Dan Connelly, the town’s police chief, for putting a a suspected drug dealer behind bars.

Cisco was put into service in late February as a drug-detection canine, Connelly said.

On Tuesday, authorities said, the dog sniffed out cocaine and methamphetamine after undercover investigators had established contact with the suspect.

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