Golden Retriever Katie turns 19!

I have been telling my Goldens for years that I would be satisfied if they could just stay bymyside 19 years. But, sadly, I have not made it past 10. So, you can imagine how jealous I am of this lovely lass.
Katie just finished her cake for birthday number 19 in this photo!

She turned 19 on January 24th, born on that date in 1988.

Her dad says she is still very healthy except for some arthritis in her lower spine. And, Katie has always been able to walk/run fine until about 6 months ago.

Go learn more about this Golden sweetie here.

4 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Katie turns 19!

  1. How wonderful, that Katie has lived such a long life and is still actively enjoying her family. One of our Golden Loves, “Brandy”, who is now waiting at the Bridge lived for 13 years, 11 months.

  2. Happy 19 to Katie! Wow! I just read about Max turning 19 too! This is GREAT and fills me with great hope for Golden longevity. At least I know it’s not impossible.

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