Darn, I missed it! — Update

I just learned that Darwin is one funny dude. Here is a recent tale from his mom Donna:

Husbands learn only from empirical evidence

Me yesterday:

“I would suggest not leaving stuff you care about on the table in the kitchen…. Darwin’s been table surfing.”

Husband this morning:

“Well, you were right about not leaving stuff on the table.”


“Oh? What happened?”


“Sometime between 6:15 and 7:15, Darwin ate my wallet…”


“I warned you.”

On February 12, 2007 it was Darwin Day, actually the 198th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. But, look who reminded me, of course!

Handsome Pupper Darwin



4 thoughts on “Darn, I missed it! — Update

  1. Wow, thanks!

    He is a sweetie. Except when he’s counter surfing, digging in the mud, chewing up cans….

    I may never own such a white golden again. My other two are dark red and don’t show the dirt so much. ;^)

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