Yea Hero Golden Meg!

Dog saves family of three from Gilroy fire
Bay City News Service

A family dog is being hailed as a heroine today after she alerted her owner that a neighbor’s house was on fire, saving the family from certain death, Gilroy Fire Department Division Chief Clay Bentson said.

Around 1:40 a.m. the neighbor awoke to his golden retriever, Meg, frantically barking. Thinking the dog needed a walk, the man took her outside and saw fire running up the wall of his neighbor’s house at 9115 Cresthill Court.

After calling 911, the man pounded on the neighbor’s door, awakening the three residents, Bentson said.

Firefighters from the Gilroy Fire Department arrived at the home at 1:54 a.m. and had the fire controlled by 3:58 a.m. but not before the fire had reached three alarms and destroyed about three-quarters of the house, the garage and two cars, Bentson said. He estimated the cost of the damage to be around $400,000.

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