Therapy Golden Harley

If you have not been keeping up with our site news or with Harley’s Page then you will have missed the sad news of his having earned his wings and passage to The Bridge a few days ago.

Please do visit his page to see some special messages from his mom, Andrea, and for a link to a wonderful photo album that shows Harley with his furry family members through the years.

The Helping Harley Fund will now be expanded to address the financial needs of other afflicted and needy working dogs. And, Andrea will be helping on the committee to direct those future funds. She is so appreciative of the fund being named in Harley’s memory.For those folks who may want to send a card of sympathy, they can be sent to:

Andrea Hanssen
P.O. Box 780524
San Antonio Texas 78278


One thought on “Therapy Golden Harley

  1. Harley;

    You leave a tremendous legacy of a Golden doing what Goldens do, helping people.
    Rest in Peace.

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