Meet Golden Gina

gina07.jpgGina made it to the Top 10 Animal-Related Stories Of 2006, written by Alicyn Leigh for the Long Island Press. She was number 7:

A Truly Golden Retriever
This heartwarming story was about Debbie Poznack-Olsen, a licensed veterinary technician and volunteer for Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (LIGRR) of Huntington Station, who took in a severely injured dog named Gina that was a victim of a hit and run. LIGRR rescued Gina after the accident and got her the medical attention she needed. Two miracles came true: Gina survived the trauma, and Poznack-Olsen, who was only supposed to foster Gina, decided to give the lucky pup a forever loving home since she has the skills to help a critical-care pet. Gina is still disabled, but lives an incredibly happy life playing with her two new sisters, also golden retrievers, thanks to all who helped her.

Oh, Gina, you sweet dear, you remind me of Golden Polar.


Gina has her own story page at the Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue site, with lots of wonderful photos.gina17.jpg

From LIGRR: Gina is a one year old female. She was found along the side of the road. She had been hit by a car. She was taken to an animal hospital, and was scheduled to be euthanized that evening. The veterinarian called us to see if we would be willing to take this sweet and gentle baby. We agreed and took her to a neurologist who confirmed that she had a spinal cord injury. Everything that can be done for this dog is being done. The surgeon feels that she has a very good chance of regaining the use of her legs. Her medical bill is quite high. At the moment she needs a quiet home in which to recuperate, financial support and your good thought. If you can, please reach out to Gina in any way that you can.

gina19.jpgWe have been offered a donation of a cart from Doggon’ Wheels. They have been very nice and very generous. She has found a foster home where she is enjoying swimming and home cooked meals. She feels loved and feels like she belongs there. She is still struggling with some medical problems and has a bed sore which needs attention, but is making great progress. Her medical bills are mounting. Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue continues to accept donations on her behalf.

From Debbie: Just a quick update on Gina. She has gained about 13 lbs in the last few months and her bed sore is just about healed, however we are still fighting this chronic bladder infection. The doctor just started her on an injectable antibiotic along with subcutaneous fluids which we are hoping will work. Gina is also receiving hydrotherapy and acupuncture for her hind legs. She is now starting to show some improvement. She is truly an inspiration and such a joy to have in our home and with our family. Please keep her in your prayers. Gina enjoys her therapy and is working hard to get better. We thought you would like these pictures of her in the water!

You can donate by clicking here


One thought on “Meet Golden Gina

  1. Wow, what a sweet girl and amazing story! Her face is just so sweet and loving!!! I hope she continues down the road to recovery.

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