Golden Dave’s in the news again!


A canine you can count on
By Tony Reid, H&R Staff Writer

LOVINGTON – Here’s a switch: Instead of the dog that ate your homework, meet the number-crunching hound who can do your homework.

Sir Dave Golden Boy is a golden retriever who solves math problems. From simple addition to 55 divided by the square root of 121, there are no arithmetical tricks you can’t teach this 7-year-old pooch. Known to his fans as “Dave the Math Dog,” the wondrous beastie trotted into Lovington’s The Revival Church on Sunday morning like an ambassador from the Planet Dog, sent to reveal that’s man’s best friend ain’t no dumb animal.

He solved problems ranging from 4 + 6 to 4 x 6 and then 24 minus (2 to the third power) + 8 (the answer is 8, if you are struggling at home). Dave is shown the questions written out on a board and then uses his paw to tap out answers on the outstretched palm of owners Frank and Debra Ferris of Lerna. The dog has done his act on the “Late Show with David Letterman” and entertained at schools and all kinds of special events.

Skeptics would have a field day, saying that not only must you accept the fact a dog can do math, but that he can read equations, too, and therefore it has to be an elaborate trick. But it’s hard to be so cynically calculating when watching Dave figuring doggedly with no props or obvious sleight of paw.

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