No word yet – Updated

UPDATE: I went to get my baby and he pulled the girl down the hall to get to me. But, he was so disoriented from the anesthesia. I took him outside and he pished for the longest time and then could not get into my car without me lifting his back end. He laid down on the back seat all the way home and then had trouble getting out of the car and seemed ill at odds as to where he was. It was so spooky. I had to encourage him to do the stairs, which he did manage.

I decided to get comfortable and go lay with him on a small sofa of ours. He just looked at me so mournfully as I whispered to him and stroked his fur. He fell asleep for a bit and then awakened but kept gazing at me with a look he has never shown before. I only wish I could explain it better. But, it seemed to be telling me that he was comforted by my trying to soothe him.

It is after 9pm and I just ventured upstairs to get a robe (it’s freezing in my house since I keep the temperature at 60-63) and Alfie followed. He does seem more alert, much more so than before. He definitely had no loss of appetite, busily eating 3 of his homemade organic dinner muffins. I soaked them in water, though, knowing that his mouth has to be sore due to the cutting around his upper back teeth and roof of his mouth. I also asked for pain medication as Gary wanted him to have that. It was not given initially but after my request, the girl came back with a bottle. They cannot tell us, but there is no way he isn’t in discomfort.

My computer time is obviously very limited as I watch after him. The biopsy will not be back for 10-14 days but I am hoping it is benign, like his last growth. I will have to let the doctor know that he really reacted strongly to the anesthesia. It was very scary but I think he is okay now. Daddy Gary is due home soon so we shall see how he reacts then.

Thanks everyone for your words of concern. You certainly know first-hand the kinds of things that I am going through right now. Sadly, we all have to experience the good times and the bad.

Now, back to my little guy, who one woman at the vet’s office said, oh my, how old is your puppy? I love when folks do that. Makes me think my boy is gonna be with me for many years to come.


Well, I am anxiously awaiting the news of how Alfie is doing, and going nuts waiting. The house is just too quiet and certainly not a home, without a Golden in it. Amazing how spoiled these special souls make us.