Update on Dave, the Math Dog


A different kind of celebrity to visit Dexter
By Corey Noles, Statesman Staff Writer

A friendship spawned at a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman is going to bring an extra special guest to Dexter in January. When Ward 2 Alderman and Vice-President of First State Bank Tim Aslin went along with former drug dog Hershey to the David Letterman show he was amazed by another dog that was on the show.

Dave the Math Dog, is a seven-year-old Golden Retriever owned and trained by Frank Ferris of Lerna, Ill. But, Dave does more than just sit and roll over, he can do mathematics. “I questioned it at first,” Aslin said. “I thought there had to be some kind of trick, but Frank let me make up my own problem and ask him myself.”

Ferris travels with Dave and does shows for children at schools to encourage them to stick with math. How it works is Ferris writes a problem on a small dry erase board, he then shows it to the dog. Dave then uses his paw to count out the right answers.

Aslin said that after talking to Ferris for some time he realized they only lived about four hours apart.

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2 thoughts on “Update on Dave, the Math Dog

  1. Well, All of us Golden lovers know that if any dog can do math it would be a Golden Retriever, maybe we can get him to work on the federal budget………….

  2. That might even be too big Job for Dave. Dave will be in Ewing, IL on Dec. 21, Neoga, IL on Dec. 22 and Dexter, MO on Jan. 22

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