Five Years Later . . .


At my Foundation site I have been following the health issues of those 2-footed and 4-footed folks who worked at Ground Zero. There are 5 years of articles and information and the picture that is painted is not a happy one, even though they believe the dogs comparatively fared rather well.

You can learn more about the 5 year study at the website for 9-11 Search and Rescue Dog Medical Surveillance. Here is a recent article on the research work being done.

Studying Health Effects On 9/11 Rescue Dogs
By Teresa Garcia,ABC 7 News

The dust, smoke and chemicals contained in those huge billowing clouds following the 9/11 attacks caused massive breathing problems among the rescue workers who responded. But, only now are scientists beginning to look at the long term side-effects our four-legged rescuers may be facing.

Now a study is underway to get a look at the effects on dogs. MRIs used to only be available to humans. Now they’re available to pets too. Four dogs have come to Redwood City with handlers from around the U.S. to the Pet Imaging Center as part of a five-year study.

The four search and rescue dogs ranging from 7 to 11-years-old will get their own MRIs to check their health conditions.

There’s more ……

Be sure to also watch the video (in full screen format) by CLICKING HERE.


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