Golden Star Susie

MACH3 Flashpaws Runaround Sue (“Susie”) is one talented little girl. Furkid to Jane Simmons-Moake, a couple of days ago in Long Beach, CA, Susie won for her breed at the inaugural AKC National Agility Invitational.

She also achieved the fastest time of any dog in the finals. Beating out the incredibly fast Border Collies is truly unbelievable.

Highlights from the finals of this invitational will be broadcast on Animal Planet at 8pm on February 11, 15 & 18, 2007.

In the article, Long Beach goes to the dogs, I loved this little section:

The dogs had no idea whether they’d raced fast enough to win, but a small golden retriever was so exhilarated by her attempt that she executed a triple pirouette midair after she finished, then leaped into her owner’s arms.

“A dog knows when he’s won an event,” said Giselle Simonds, a miniature bull terrier breeder from Petaluma whose dog Skip was best in his breed. “The dog senses your adrenaline rush when he’s done well.”


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