Get Your Golden Puppy Fix Here!


The folks at Coppertop Golden Retrievers recently (Nov 7) had a 3-pupper litter, mom Spirit doing a wonderful job taking care of her babies. Boy these furkids are chubby, which is often the case when there are many less mouths to feed.

They have a puppy cam that actually is updated every 30 seconds, trained on this litter. And, they also have “Video of The Day” which shows some very cute segments. Be sure to check out the archive of these videos, as only the most recent appears on the Puppy Cam page.

Dad is a professional photographer and has gotten some marvelous photos of Spirit with her newly born babies, the one at the top being my absolute favorite.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Golden Puppy Fix Here!

  1. Hi Rochelle,

    I just want to say that Harley is being treated terribly, you cannot take away a Goldens job from him. My prayers are with him

  2. Hi!,
    First off, thank you for putting out such a wonderful website. I really enjoy watching the puppies–they are so cute.

    I have owned four goldens in my lifetime and really admire their devotion, demeanor and unwavering love. I lost Dave and Jake to cancer; Buddy to Lupus and Roger to my ex-wife as part of the judgement.

    I would really love to get another puppy, but since I became disabled in 2002 (and moved into an apartment), the possibility remains very slim. I really think a pup needs a big back yard to run around in and being cooped up in an urban apartment is no life for a dog.

    So therefore I will share yours via your cams and videos.

    Once again, thank you and keep them coming!

    Randy Quade

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