More worries

vetdr2.gifWell, the vet called today with more news about my guy Alfie. Now, he tells me that his lyme’s test came back as presumptive positive. That means going back tomorrow to have more blood drawn to do a c6 antibody test. Sometimes dogs can be bitten and not come down with symptoms of the disease, or there can be false positives. Alfie has not evidenced any of the symptoms associated with the disease so I am hoping he is okay. Unfortunately, there have been so many ticks and we do have deer that come into our backyard due to our vegetable garden.

I don’t know what else is going to happen. During the last 2 weeks I had to reformat my hard drive 3 times, erasing all my data and settings, and then having to reinstall over 40 programs to get the system back to its original state. Everytime I do a new reinstall I think my pool of brain cells declines.

On the bright side, I found some free software and made myself a fun little intro page to thre site. Check it out by CLICKING HERE and let me know what you think. They are mighty tricky because folks hate sitting through them. It is only about 10 seconds but you’d be amazed at how long that feels.


8 thoughts on “More worries

  1. Rochelle,

    I am praying the test tomorrow will come back negative. It is such a worry. Molly goes in for bloodwork tomorrow too. She is not sick or exhibiting any symptoms, but after her run in with so very many ticks last month, the Vet recommended another test. Thankfully she has not had any more ticks since that awful episode. I’ll be thinking of you guys tomorrow as we both have our dear family members checked out.

  2. Rochelle;
    We continue to send Alfie and you are best wishes and hope that the test tomorrow will show all is OK.
    Your intro. page is great it’s not to long and anyone that arrives at the site won’t mind looking at those little bundles of fur, and reading the comments.
    Love it Love it……….

  3. We see ticks crawling on Alfie’s head sometimes. I guess we feed him well and they don’t want to bite. That can happen, but I am sure he is probably getting bitten. It is very hard to know. We have to check him all the time. Gary wants me to find out how often we should have him tested to be on the safe side.

    I hope both Molly and Alfie are okay, since their moms do so much better when their kids are well.

    Thanks Sheila and Bob (whoever is doing the writing). You made my day. Hopefully other folks will see it. I don’t have the energy to post at the forum or send out emails to my lists. So, only folks who check in at the blog will even know anything is up.

  4. I like the new intro page very much too. It seems to be just the right amount of time. And it has the interesting comments scrolling through to keep your interest. And of course the gorgeous little Golden puppies to admire!

  5. Yea, but you Nora, and Sheila & Bob, are my biggest fans, probably the only people that actually check in to my blog to see what is up lol. You’re always gonna tell me just what I want to hear.

  6. Rochelle, I love your new intro page. It’s perfect. I am sending optimistic thoughts your way that all will be well with Alfie. It’s so hard to watch our beloved furbabies get sick (or worry that they are sick). I am also a huge fan of yours, and I am embarassed to admit that I don’t add comments in your blog nearly as often as I should. I visit your blog regularly though (it’s my homepage), so even though I may not leave my footprints often, I always read your entries. Hugs to you and Alfie from me and Tucker (my beautiful golden boy).

  7. Molly’s blood work came back negative. So that is a relief for me. She has had no more ticks since that one episode. I so hope Alfie’s blood tests were also good.

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