Golden Dave: The Math Dog UPDATED!

Last week I had the following story about the Wednesday night David Letterman Show. He was doing Stupid Dog Tricks, which are really not stupid at all, but that is the tag he gives this features. He had on Golden Dave, a smart dude From Illinois.

Well, yesterday I received this unbelievable email from Golden lover Gerri:

My husband and I were stopping at Petsmart Friday evening. As we were parking, a man and a Golden were walking into the store. My husband said, “That looks like Dave”. I agreed, but thought that it could not be Dave because we live in Indiana and Dave lives in Illinois. We went into the store and the man and Golden were talking to the ladies at the cash registers. My husband said “Hi Dave”. The owner said, yes this is Dave. We had met a celebrity!

Dave had something in his eye and they had stopped there for some eye wash on the way home from the David Letterman show in New York. Dave showed us some tricks (he knows sign language also!) and I took a picture of him with my cell phone. After allot of petting, we left them to go on their way. What a Great Dog!

Here you can see Dave doing his thing at the Hawthorne Elementary School in Salem.




Illinois dog to do ‘stupid pet trick’ on ‘Late Show’
By Laura Followell,The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Dave the Math Dog is on his way to stardom after making the cut for the Stupid Pet Tricks tryouts staged last month in the Indiana Theater. On Wednesday, the dog will trot on to CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman.”

The golden retriever was en route to New York today after his owner, Frank Ferris, was informed Monday the dog had been chosen to appear on the show in the Ed Sullivan Theater. Dave the Math Dog will perform his mathematical wonders as Ferris stands by to help the dog communicate his answer. “He’s already gotten a bath,” Ferris said, laughing. “He got his nails trimmed and his ears cleaned. So he’s all prettified.”

Dave the Math Dog and Ferris traveled to Terre Haute in October from Lerna, Ill., just southeast of Mattoon, and auditioned for a spot on the “Late Show.” The dog appeared onstage with his owner. A volunteer from the “Late Show” then wrote math problems on a dry-erase board, such as “12 ÷ 4,” and displayed them to the dog. The dog pawed at his owner’s hand three times, indicating the correct answer.

Ferris and his wife, Debra, opted out of free plane tickets to New York and chose to drive. “They won’t let Dave sit in the seat next to us [on an airplane], so we drive,” Ferris said. “We don’t put Dave in cargo hold — no way. So we’re driving.” The trio will arrive in New York today after a 15-hour drive. Dave the Math Dog and Frank will perform for the show’s 11 a.m. taping.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Dave: The Math Dog UPDATED!

  1. I just wanted you all to know that Dave is undergoing tests right now for unexplained blood in his eye…please pray that all the tests come back negative and nothing is seriously wrong. Thanks to everyone, Missy

  2. We need to stop and take a deep breath, folks. Dogs just aren’t that smart. Mr. Ferris has, from what I’ve seen on the net, behaved well by not exploiting the dog for commercial gain. But think it over – it is a dog, not a math student!

    I’ve found nothing on the web specifically to dispute the behavior of the genius dog but here are some thoughts.

    The dog has demonstrated his ability to tell time without a clock. This indicates that the dog is not acting on visual clues. Dogs’ poor vision would confirm that the dog is not acting to subtle visual clues and certainly not to written instructions!

    It is also known that dogs respond to human emotions and, considering the long period of time that the two species have been together, this is quite understandable.

    And now we have dogs that can detect when its owner is about to have a seizure. These dogs are smelling something that occurs just before the event.

    All this leads me to the hypothesis that Dave the Math Dog, and some other dogs as well, may be responding to some combination of human scent and human emotion. When Mr. Ferris becomes aware that the dog is about to have touched his hand the correct number of times could it be that he produces some scent that our super sniffing canine friends can detect? If so, isn’t it more reasonable to conclude that is what triggers the dog to stop paw touching than the conclusion that the dog has done the math?

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