Dave the Math Dog making the Rounds


Letterman gives Dave the math dog two paws up
By Herb Meeker, Journal Gazette and Times-Courier Staff Writer

Dave the Math Dog may not be at the top of the list of animal acts yet but he certainly was a hit on national television last week. The 7-year-old golden retriever, owned and trained by Frank Ferris of Lerna, took the audience by brainstorm on Late Night with David Letterman during the misnamed “Stupid Dog Tricks” segment last week. Dave — the four-legged one — completed an addition and division problem before leaving Letterman in awe by doing the square root of 36, which is six. If you missed his act, Dave the Math Dog uses his paw to count out the right answers.

“Dave Letterman asked if that was all our Dave could do and I said he could do square roots,” said Ferris, who said he is merely Dave’s prop holder. “And Letterman said, ‘square root!’ And Dave did it. Then Letterman said, ‘I’ll take your word on that one.’ The audience loved it.”

Letterman got more mileage out of Dave’s act by working on a calculator and coming up with the wrong answer later in the show, or making other references to Dave’s act. Matthew Broderick, Letterman’s featured human guest that night, had high praise for Dave the Math Dog. “‘That is the smartest dog I’ve ever seen,’ Broderick told Letterman.

“That was a great moment,” Ferris said. After the show, Dave’s Web site — http://www.Davethemathdog.com — had more than 100 hits, Ferris said. A phone call also came in from a Los Angeles couple interested in booking the furry math whiz.

Could the national exposure create more opportunities for Dave and Ferris?

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5 thoughts on “Dave the Math Dog making the Rounds

  1. Hi,
    My wife Debbie and I (Frank) are the proud parents of Dave the Math Dog. He was 5 yrs. old when my wife Deb found out Dave could count. She was watching the Dicovery channel. A lady on the program told the audience that animals understand more than us humans think. She ask her dog how many fingers she had up and the dog barked. Deb ask Dave how many finger she was had up and Dave pawed the answer correctly. Deb tried around 6 more problems and the dog answered all problems correctly. We then showed him flash cards and he would scan them left to right and paw the answer. We started sharing him with local schools, nursing homes and churches. We now do most any gathering. Most of the program we use came from people asking questions. Mostly little kids and some adults. He can add, subtract, multiply, divide, square root, divide by square root and was taught the power of 0 by a high school math teacher in Oakland, IL. He also can solve some algebra equations and he understands some American Sign language. He has been taught some foreign language numbers. He has been taught Spanish, German, French and Korean numbers. Dave knows how old he is and what month and day he was bornl.

    Thanks for all your support
    Dave, Deb and Frank

  2. Frank, what a proud dad you are. My Darcy used to be our math whiz, but she left us last February. Thanks so much for providing an update. I will have to alert the Golden folks that you’ve come for a visit. I know they were wanting to know more about your intelligent little guy.

  3. On Jan. 22, 2007 at 9 am Dave is going to be in Dexter, MO. We met Hershey the K9 at the Letterman show. When the team from Dexter arrived back home they set the wheels in motion for Dave to come and do a math show for 2 schools in dexter. They are trying to get both schools together at the High school for one show. If this happens, there will be over 1,000 kids in the one room. This will be Dave’s largest gathering. The largest to date is Ripley, TN with over 700 kids. Dave will do a show about 30 to 40 minutes. So far Letterman is the farthest we have traveled to preform. He does go on vacation with us. FL, NC are his farthest ventures.
    Frank, Deb and Dave

  4. Dave is now a proud papa! His girl friend is a third gen. world class hunter Tanner. They had 7 pups. The pups were born on Nov. 28/29.

  5. Dave is going to be on the fox morning show with Mike and Juliet Wed. May 7, 2008. It will be on your local fox network. This is the second time he has been to NY, NY. The first time was 11/22/2006 on Late Show with David Letterman.

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