Guess What I Did Today


Rhonda’s Golden Riley wants to know “Did you?” (Be sure to click on Riley to see him in his SUPERSIZED VERSION!)


3 thoughts on “Guess What I Did Today

  1. We voted using a touch screen for the first time, just wondering if Riley used a touch screen and how did his paws work out??????

  2. So cute… I wanted to take my goldens to the polls but since I had to be there all day as precinct inspector, I figured someone with allergies would object at some point. Plus I was way too busy. But the dogs and kids who did show up were great entertainment and a fun distraction for voters who ended up waiting in lines as long as 20 minutes. At one point we had a very active young boy being passed from voter to voter through his large family, and it was fun to watch him. we had several dogs come during the day, but no goldens, or I would have become totally distracted from my job!

    I love your site so much. I hope to have a ranch raising goldens and training therapy dogs one of these days, hopefully combined with rescue work. I would love to be able to rescue these wonderful dogs and train them to be good service and companion dogs, maybe breed and raise a few of them as well. They are so amazing.

    My two goldens are rescues, both older now, but great companions. When I had surgery recently for a rectal tumor they wouldn’t let me be alone at all. They had started acting differently towards me the last few months, often coming and checking on me at various times throughout the day. After the surgery, I found out I had actually had a small part of my rectal tumor that was cancerous. I think the dogs actually picked up on the change as the tumor had become cancerous, and noticed I smelled differently.

    Amazing and wonderful animals – thanl you SO MUCH for your site!!!

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