Dog Tale of Deception: Lies from WTC to Katrina – Updated


I have received much positive feedback from my brave attempt to set the record straight on a major injustice. But, nothing has moved me more than a blog comment from “Lt. Dan” left in response to my ‘Lying all Along’ tale. Lt. Dan has done what is always such a difficult task for me. He has summed up this travesty within 3 short sentences. This was his entire response:

I am the NYPD K9 Lt ( now retired) who asked Scott to leave on the second day. Actually, I did not ask him to leave. But after questioning Scott I realized the dog had no SAR training. The dog was also obviously very old and in poor health so I told Scott I did not want to see him on the pile with the dog. I could not risk rescue workers digging areas based on false indications. During the first few days of the disaster it was very hard to control entry into the site, so I guess Scott got in for a couple of days. The rest is history for those of us who know of Mr. Shields.

I commend you for the courage to write this article. There were so many civilian volunteers with or without dogs who courageously helped us when we needed it. They returned to their homes and lives seeking or receiving no accolades for their service. They are my heroes.”

Many people have asked whether Scott is still deceiving the public and they are wondering why he has been allowed to defraud the government. Scott Shields’ lies and deception, evidenced from the WTC to Katrina, sadly do continue. He constantly travels the trade show circuit selling his wares of t-shirts & books, always putting out his huge fireman’s boot to solicit cash as well. He also continues to seek out monies from bake sales and such put on by various school groups as he solicits within the public school system as well.

Unfortunately, I am not the person equipped to right any of the wrongs in this situation. Your concern needs to be directed to the various newspapers who have put out erroneous, non fact-checked stories about Scott, and there are several. There are thousands of links when one does a Google search for Scott and Bear. While the New York Post has been the first paper to put out a factually correct article about the man, their article is short and limited in scope. Obviously, the story needs to be picked up by larger papers such as the New York Times, for example. Otherwise, it will be yesterday’s news and many folks will continue to be taken in by Scott’s smooth talking.

Additionally, law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels, need to know that the public is truly concerned about this case. While they are investigating Scott, they are also investigating many other cases that are certainly more egregious. Amazingly, the founder of the Scott Shields Fraud Forum has managed to contact everyone of the following agencies: NYPD, FDNY, NY’s Attorney General’s Office Charities Bureau, US Coast Guard, Mercer County NJ Prosecutors office, Ocean County NJ Prosecutors office, and the Department of Homeland Security. But, there has not been much support from the public for more aggressive investigations. I guess if we want to see the wheels of justice turn quicker, we need to contact some papers and agencies as well.

I have received many emails from folks who have interacted with Scott and who have seen his irresponsible actions with regard to trying to pass off his newest dog (Theodore) as a trained SAR dog. Tragically, his poor understanding of basic dog behavior has resulted in this dog biting a woman at a Pet Expo event and his attacking and biting other dogs (both working and non-working). Here is just one of these chilling communications:

I’ve personally met and talked with Scott and his dog, Theodore, on a few occasions. Unfortunately, during those times, I’ve witnessed Theo “attach” himself to Scott’s leg through an entire demo (Scott couldn’t get him to do anything but hump his leg, even as he exited the demo area), listened to a story from Scott during a one-on-one conversation about how Theo had gotten in a fight with another dog and was now required muzzled during outings (after I asked why he was muzzled), and then, shortly after, at another event, watched him climb off the exit ramp of the dockjumping pool (a group I help run was hosting the dockjumping competition and Scott wanted to try getting Theo to go in off the ramp, I allowed him to do so, but Theo had no interest and bolted back out). Upon exiting, Theo got away from Scott and ran the entire length of the pool plus 10-15 ft. (a total of 50-55 ft, as the pool is 40 ft long), and attacked a dog standing there, on leash with it’s owner, completely unprovoked. Theo charged this dog and went after him, the dog did nothing whatsoever in response, and the owner pulled him away and kicked at Theo to try to get him to stop attacking. Scott rushed over and literally jumped on top of Theo, pinning him to the ground and remaining in that position for about ten minutes after. This from a dog that Scott insisted in our conversation at the previous event had not been the one to start or continue a fight and now had to be muzzled. *Sigh.*

And, here is Scott at his best. After taking all the proceeds from my raffle, I find out he took even more.

“Rochelle, I don’t know if you recall my story. My three dogs (one a golden) died in our house fire July 2001. I won your raffle (February 2002, I think) that was to raise funds for Scott. I talked to Scott 2 or 3 times after we gave him a computer. He invited my family to come visit and STAY with him in New York. I had an uneasy feeling talking to him on the phone, why would he invite strangers from Texas to stay with him?! I’m sorry now that we gave him a computer, but I am glad I won all those wonderful things in the raffle!!” ~ Alice


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