Lying all Along



Once upon a time I was taken in by this man above. But, he has taken in far bigger fish than myself. He got someone to write a book with him, he got Dr. Jane Goodall to believe in his heroic tales, and sadly he got a well-known legal firm to help him form a nonprofit foundation to supposedly help fellow rescuers. Tellingly, the sole IRS Form 990 filed for his foundation shows only roughly 6% of its donations going out as grants to Search & Rescue groups.

I have a huge story to tell about how he gained his initial credibility through alignment with the Land of PureGold, but I have been waiting for the day when the media would finally catch up with all of the lies that continue to litter the web. As a good friend and retired police chief says: “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn. Some day this will be totally brought to light.”

It is a pretty telling commentary when the co-author of his book has to put out the following statement:

There have been many erroneous facts, as well as misleading information printed in news and television articles about Scott Shields and his dog, Bear. I hope the following helps both readers and the media who may be interested in gaining greater knowledge of Bear’s true story:1.) Scott Shields refers to himself as ‘Captain’ because that is what others called him for many years on the waterfront in New York and Connecticut. This does not refer to any military or authoritative rank.

2.) Scott has emergency management training, but he and Bear did not have “official” or “professional” search and rescue (SAR) training.

3.) Bear did NOT accompany Scott to the WTC to do search work. He was there because he was always at Scott’s side.

4.) Bear is NOT credited with making any live finds at the WTC.

5.) Bear did NOT find more victims than any other rescuer or canine. Many official search and rescue canine teams stayed and worked for weeks after Bear left. Presumably, these teams made many sad discoveries.

6.) Scott and Bear did NOT work at the Oklahoma City bombing rescue and recovery mission.

7.) Scott and Bear did NOT respond to the earthquake in Turkey.

8.) Theodorable is NOT Bear’s son. At this time, Theodore is NOT a trained search and rescue dog. Theodore has been made an honorary ‘mascot’ in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. He is NOT a Coast Guard SAR canine.

Stay tuned for my story about this man. It is a story that started and ended far before he even dreamed of writing a book or creating his foundation. It began a few weeks after the WTC attacks and then ended abruptly in the summer of 2002. I have had to sit on this horrible tale until there was finally a glimpse of truth coming from the media. I think that time has arrived. So, do stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this most interesting article –

Fraud Probe Hounds Rescuer
By Philip Recchia and Brad Hamilton, New York Post

September 25, 2006 — A celebrated Ground Zero volunteer who claims that his dog “made the only live finds” at the site is being investigated over $16,000 FEMA gave him to live in a Battery Park City high-rise, The Post has learned.

Scott Shields, who resided in Greenwich, Conn., in 2001, didn’t move downtown until six months after 9/11, and then got evicted from his $3,182-a-month apartment, records show.

The former dressmaker – who calls himself “captain” yet holds no military or police rank – is also being quizzed by the Parks Department for trying to pass himself off as a Parks officer in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, the department said.

He and his dog Bear didn’t find any 9/11 survivors, says the co-author of his memoirs, Nancy West, and primatologist Jane Goodall has asked that her blurb be taken off its future printings.



8 thoughts on “Lying all Along

  1. Interesting and am glad he is finally uncovered. I have seen fraud, alhtough on a much smaller scale, with local rescues who claim a non profit status but are not. It sickens me to know that people are so greedy. This story helps to remind people to check before donating.
    Thanks for all your good work.

    Joyce Hubler

  2. Thanks for posting a comment Joyce. It means allot that you have weighed in on this sad tale. I hope others will visit so that they can be spared from being duped.

  3. I am the NYPD K9 Lt ( now retired) who asked Scott to leave on the second day. Actually I did not ask him to leave. But after questioning Scott I realised the dog had no SAR training. The dog was also obviously very old and in poor health so I told Scott I did not want to see him on the pile with the dog. I could not risk rescue workers digging areas based on false indications. During the first few days of the disaster it was very hard to control entry into the site, so I guess Scott got in for a couple of days.The rest is history for those of us who know of Mr Shields.
    I commend you for the courage to write this article. There were so many civilian volunteers with or without dogs who courageously helped us when we needed it. They returned to their homes and lives seeking or recieving no accolades for their service. They are my heroes.
    Lt Dan

  4. Lt. Dan, I will be contacting you privately today. I am so moved by your so effectively summing so much up within 3 short sentences. I could not agree with you more about the true heroes of our world.

    I will have to share it with my many Golden groups because it honestly speaks volumes.

  5. Scott is full of “HOT AIR” He deployed 27 teams to Louisianna, I don’t think so. I was the person who contacted Scott after Katrina and I ws the person whom had the Governors office write the letter on behalf of Scott. Boy do I wish I knew then what I know now. I was in New Orleans and I can tell you all Scott did was take pictures! Please feel free to contact me and I will give you the real story of Scott and New Orleans.

  6. You are preaching to the choir. I know all about him and his lying ways. Anything you could tell me would not be surprising. Unfortunately, the people in power don’t seem to see any of this fraud and he keeps on doing his slippery thing.

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