Discover the Life of Golden Skywalker

Sky’s dad does some mighty interesting work. Come discover what that is along with experiencing his very unique slide show on his life.

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House Calls

This Vet Makes House Calls
Times Herald-Record

Lots of married couples work together, but it’s unlikely that any other duo has teamed up to grind down the nails of a pot-bellied pig — then painted them ruby red.It’s all in a day’s work for Melissa Shelton, 32, a small-animal veterinarian who makes house calls in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, and her trusty assistant, her husband, Winston, 33.


Dog Running For Governor In Alaska

Dog Running For Governor In Alaska

One Alaskan gubernatorial candidate is an extreme long shot to win. But he’ll keep barking up every tree to turn out the vote.Brinkley is a two year-old golden retriever who is the center of a write-in campaign for Alaska’s highest office.

The dog’s campaign started as a joke between his owner Ruth Sisk and her friends. His campaign has already sold about $4,000 worth of “Brinkley for Governor” t-shirts.

Sisk says if the dog isn’t elected governor he may consider running for another office. “He might not be able to do as well as (humans in Alaska), but if he doesn’t, can we please run him for President?”

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