One Family’s Experience

Animal Assisted Therapy: One Family’s Experience
By Ann Killion, Autism/Asperger’s Digest Magazine

Our 7-1/2 year-old son’s voice rings through the house, followed by his muffled giggling. No sooner does his voice die down than I hear a burst of activity from another room accompanied by running and sniffing.”1 – 2 – 3…go get your boy,” I say quietly as I watch the scene unfold. “Go get `em Quincy!” Just as quickly as the words leave my lips, there is a leap onto the couch of golden fur and I hear shrieks of glee from our son, Matthew. There on the couch one very excited Golden Retriever named Quincy is lavishing wet doggie kisses on one equally happy boy. Both have butterscotch color hair, both are rolling and panting in glee. I thank God everyday for them both. One I gave birth to … and the other … well…. Let me tell you our whole family’s (Matthew, Mom Ann, Dad Bill, and Certified Assistance Dog Quincy) story.



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