A Double Golden Delivery

Service Dog’s Pups Come Rare Three Days Apart
By John Leptich, East Valley Tribune

For more than a week Christi, a 2 1 /2 year old golden retriever for Power Paws Assistance Dogs, has enjoyed spending time nursing her four puppies born Sept. 8 and 12. That’s not a misprint. Christi delivered the tiny balls of fur three days apart.The dog had an emergency Caesarean section on Sept. 8 at a veterinary clinic after her owners noticed an unusual discharge. Two male puppies were born alive, one female was stillborn and one male died shortly after birth.

The morning of Sept. 12, there were two more puppies in Christi’s bin, one male and one female. “This is the first time we’ve had a litter with two birth dates, especially three days apart,” said Robyn Abels, cofounder of Scottsdale-based Power Paws. “It was a total shock, especially that she delivered two on her own after the C-section. We call the two our miracle babies. The whole thing has been quite a miracle.”



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