Golden Guide Dog Refused Entrance

Suit Claims A.C. Senior Bus Refused to Transport Guide Dog
By Elaine Rose, The Press Of Atlantic City Staff Writer

Thomas R. Schieroth, who is visually impaired, claims in the suit that he and his certified guide dog waited outside his doctor’s office at about 3 p.m. July 21, 2004, for the bus to give them a ride home.When the bus arrived, the driver told him that she was terribly afraid of dogs and that he could ride, but his seeing-eye dog had to stay put, Schieroth’s attorney Thomas Reynolds, of Northfield, said Wednesday.

“That was kind of bizarre to leave the dog there and get on the bus,” Reynolds said.

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4 thoughts on “Golden Guide Dog Refused Entrance

  1. Sounds as if the senior service transportation is not only violating federal law ADA act, but has no intention or interest in correcting the matter.
    We hope this gentlemen pursues the matter and that the court rules in his favor.

  2. I cannot imagine the court not ruling in his favor. It just amazes me how much this law is broken, especially since it has been in evidence for so many years.

  3. That’s ok, I have a friend who is known in her area and that she has a service dog. CMT’s have had to retrieve her many times and transport her to the hospital. Now, half the CMT’s are claiming allergies to dogs and have recently refused to take her dog with her. The dog was in uniform, leash attached to her collar and was left that way. Seems to me they need to start checking into this issue when screening any potential employee who works with the public in any aspect. Sooner or later people who work with the public are going to run into this issue.

  4. Sometimes I wish these folks would be in the similar situations where they had disabilities that required understanding. These dogs are so highly trained. There is no reason to play games here. I get very annoyed about the lack of respect.

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