Dogs, Rat Droppings – A Deadly Combination

Dogs, Rat Droppings – A Deadly Combination
By Chau Nguyen / 11 News

Even though Tag, a golden retriever, has already had his annual shots, he’s back at the vet. This time for a new vaccination that protects him from a dangerous and rare disease.“Often times it will move to the liver also,” said Dr. Danielle Rosser, a local vet.
Dr.Rosser is talking about is leptospirosis. Dogs get it when coming into contact with rats, namely rat droppings. In fact there have been at least 10 recent cases in which dogs that have ingested rat droppings have gotten sick, many dying.

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Lost Dog, Owner Reunited after Drama

Lost Dog, Owner Reunited after Drama
Golden Retriever Goes Home after Legal Adoption by Another Family

By Salatheia Bryant, Houston Chronicle

A day after the day she thought would never come, Christina Porreca was as ecstatic as a new mother. Her beloved Bear was back home with the rest of her four-legged “babies” after weeks of negotiations with a breed rescue group to win the dog’s return from the family who legally adopted her.The reunion came Thursday night, an hour after the scheduled meeting time — but not before she handed over a $250 check, money borrowed on her mother’s credit card — to cover the expense of caring for Bear. “It’s good to be a happy, happy family again,” Porreca said Friday. “Now, she’s going to be spoiled rotten.”