Our Golden Retrievers

Our English puppy boy Alfie has such a soulful gaze here. Just perfect to accent this poem that made its way to me recently.


Extraordinary Talent

K-9s (and Canines) Show Extraordinary Talent for Work, Companionship
By Greg Jordan, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

I’ve been running into some very interesting dogs lately. Just a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to some police dogs at Augusta K-9 near Rocky Gap, Va. Now to truly visualize these dogs, you have to abandon the stereotype of a huge snarling beast ready to rip off a felon’s arm. I have seen police dogs capable of subduing a man, but they do it only when necessary.The first dog that I was introduced to that bright Friday morning broke the stereotype and buried the pieces. This cop dog was Rowdy, an energetic golden retriever who came running as if he just loved me and hadn’t seen me in ages. Augusta K-9’s operator Mike Munson remarked that I must like dogs. Dogs can always smell people who like dogs.

Rowdy proceeded to demonstrate his ability to trace explosives with an nasal sense Superman would envy, finding minute amounts of plastique that a human would surely overlook. And what did Rowdy want in return for all this work? He loved nothing better than a chance to play with a tennis ball.


A Friend and a Comfort

A Friend and a Comfort
By Jill Armentrout, The Saginaw News

As a boy and his dog, Connor A. Good and Bongo are best friends. As an autism service dog, Bongo also is helping 6-year-old Connor find his way in the world.The 16-month-old golden retriever joined the Good household in Saginaw Township in late June, but his training with the nonprofit 4 Paws for Ability agency in Xenia, Ohio, began when he was just 4 months old.