Disaster Search & Rescue Dog Woody

Five years ago, when our television screens were filled with images at ground zero, we Golden-obsessed folks searched for images and tales of the wonderful Disaster Urban Search & Rescue Goldens. One of the dogs that I highlighted at my site’s page on these highly trained working dogs was Golden Woody.

In a recent article, firefigher Lt. Terry Trepanier talked about the 10 days that he spent on the pile with his guy Woody. I just love this passage:

The firefighter also recalled light-hearted moments. “I’ll never forget one member of our team who, during a rest period, asked, ‘Can’t you put that dog on Ritalin?’ ” Trepanier said.Woody, in Trepanier’s words, was bouncing off the walls. Energy is an asset in search and rescue dogs.



One thought on “Disaster Search & Rescue Dog Woody

  1. There is nothing that can be said about these articles, these men and their dogs are true HEROES.
    If you don’t get a lump in your throat or shed a tear when reading these stories….well I just don’t know.

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