Four-Legged Heroes

Dog Heroes of September 11th: A Tribute to America’s Search and Rescue Dogs
By Nona Kilgore Bauer

This book details the stories of 77 handlers and their Search and Rescue dogs who responded at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon following the September 11th attacks.

Riley , a golden retriever, is one of the most famous dogs of Sept. 11 because of a photo taken of him at the World Trade Center site a few days after the attacks. In the photo, Riley is in a basket being sent over a 60-foot-deep canyon to search the rubble of the North Tower. “Normally when we send a dog, the handler goes with him,” said Riley’s trainer, Chris Selfridge. “This time we decided it was more practical to just send the dog.”

Like Anna, Riley helped other rescuers just by being a lovable dog. “You could see the people change from being very down to wearing little smiles . . . even for just 10 seconds,” Selfridge said.

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One thought on “Four-Legged Heroes

  1. You know for a long time i believed a certain person that this was his dog called BEAR.
    However i didnt believe it then, and i dont believe it now,so obvious this is a much younger dog.
    Didnt Bear have a old white face?????????
    Also i have noticed Riley on a few pictures similar to this.
    Id just like to commend Riley’s owner on having a very special dog and also say we are all so grateful to them both for all the hard work, year in, year out, training for what was a terrible tragedy.
    They are both Heroes in my eyes and Riley he is one special dog.
    God Bless them both

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