Dog Heroes are Honored in Book

Dog Heroes are Honored in Book
By Rose Mary Budge, Express-News Staff Writer

This news article details two special canines from Nona Kilgore’s book, Dog Heroes of September 11: A Tribute to America’s Search and Rescue Dogs. It truly speaks volumes

Denise Corliss’ mother pleaded, “Don’t go,” when her daughter called to say she and her dog were being deployed to the collapsed Twin Towers. But doubt about the mission never entered Corliss’ mind. Along with golden retriever Brit, she boarded a plane for New York, joining Deeds and his black Labrador, Kinsey, in rescue efforts. …Although Brit is a live-find dog, she often indicated with a turn of the head or a pause that something human was buried in the rubble. Throughout the grueling 12-hour shifts, Corliss learned to read her dog and to encourage further checking in certain places. To keep Kinsey happy, Deeds got firefighters to stage mock live finds during down time. It brightened things for everybody. Indeed, buoying spirits turned out to be a major canine contribution, says Margaret Logreira, a spokeswoman for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The canines became warm and wagging links with normalcy and home.

Sometimes Brit would leave Corliss’ side and go sit next to a firefighter — although not just any firefighter. It always was someone slumped in sorrowful silence next to a wall, his head in his hands. “My dog knew who needed her most,” Corliss says. “Brit would single them out, let them pet her, and they got comfort from that.”

FBI agent Kathleen Antona came by every night to hug Kinsey. Deeds saw the agent afterward on the Space Shuttle Columbia search mission and she told him that his dog pulled her through 9-11.



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